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#015; ‘Star Trek’ is ballistic, it’s sexy and it’s back.

May 13, 2009

(Have I ever mentioned that I grew up watching this stuff? Goodness, as a kid I could tell you anything about it. So sad, I know! I was never someone who could choose between Shatner and Stewart, though, to this day I love them both. But Kirk has always been my favorite… He’s James T. Kirk, you know?)

Just had to post this, wonderful quotes about the relevance and hotness of the series (all 40-odd-years of it) from the cast of the reboot directed by JJ Abrams (of ‘Lost’ and ‘Alias’ fame) and premiering tonight nationwide… From the CNN opening day article about ‘Star Trek’:

[Chris] Pine, who took on the role of Kirk, says the world today is in some ways very similar to how it was when the original ‘Star Trek’ television series ran. “The original series comes out in the late ’60s during a time of social unrest and two wars, and then you look at the bridge of the Enterprise, and it’s a veritable United Nations of colors, races and sexes,” he said. “I mean, all you have to do is look around the world, and we’re trying to kill each other more often than not,” Pine added. “What a wonderful thing to look at a bunch of people working together against one common enemy that’s out there.”

The new members of Starfleet are in agreement with their respect of the juggernaut that is ‘Star Trek.’ They are just happy to become part of the legacy and hope that audiences will give it a chance. “Go and see this movie,” said [Karl] Urban, who plays McCoy. ” ‘Star Trek’ is ballistic, it’s sexy and it’s back.”.

Okay, so the real question is this: anyone else in DC this excited? Anyone else have midnight tickets? (I know, there’s a 7pm showing in Georgetown, but we didn’t know about that until after we got the tickets…).

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  1. August 12, 2009 4:10 AM

    I took a buddy who was a Star Trek maniac. (We were both stuck in Cincinnati for two weeks for a business meeting.)

    Karl Urban’s take on McCoy kicks butt. Probably the best part of the whole movie.

    I grew up watching reruns of the original Star Trek… over and over. I even vaguely remember seeing a NEW episode on our 14″ black and white TV.

    • atlimbo permalink
      August 12, 2009 3:05 PM

      YES! Urban made the movie for me (not to say the entire cast wasn’t wonderful, because they were, I think the casting might have been the best part, actually) but there was something about how he included little winks and nods to the original McCoy on top of adding his own paranoid grittiness to it that was just wonderful!

      (I grew up watching the old shows, too, reruns of TOS, TNG, and Voyager… Lol. I had an uncle who was a big fan).


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