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#024; when all else fails

July 21, 2009

My attempt last week at being ‘positive’, rather obviously, didn’t last long. It’s been one FML-worthy moment after another this past week, but I shall struggle on and here I am again with things that cheer me up in otherwise… up and down times here in Limbo. (I went there – I’m so ambiguous these days I’m resorting to bad puns and word play).

Screen on the Green

Screen on the Green

1} Screen on the Green has begun again! That’s right, we saved it, and it debuted last night (appropriately enough with Close Encounters of the Third Kind on the 40th anniversary of the moonwalk). I could easily be found front and center (well, right of center, of course) from well before sundown enjoying horrible-for-you snacks of luke warm pizza and gummi bears. It was an amazing experience to hear John Williams’ sweeping score broadcast out over The National Mall and to be a part of something that thousands of people consider a loved tradition (this is my fourth year taking part!). I will admit to tearing up a bit when ‘When you Wish Upon a Star’ began at the end.
Poolside Sundays

Poolside Sundays

2} Poolside cocktails with friends! What is a DC Summer without little bikinis, ice cold margaritas, and your besties?

Humid and boring!

I have loved every single bbq, sunburn, and new bathing suit purchase thus far in 2009 and Summer isn’t even half over yet. (and no, the picture isn’t me and my friends). Possibly the best feeling in the world is walking into Target and seeing the big sale rack of bathing suits, feeling completely disheartened (because what is there to choose from this time of year?), only to find the perfect two-piece in just the right size and for just the right buck. Truly faith affirming.

Sleep, you fickle mistress!

Sleep, you fickle mistress!

3} Sleep; a very tumultuous relationship in my life in my mid-twenties. Yes, the third thing that makes me happy (and yet also somehow drives me mad, but isn’t that how all true love is?) is very simple, very deep sleep. I don’t get sleep often enough, and when I do, there never seems to be enough of it (though I am a believer in ‘too much of a good thing’ being bad, I have yet to hit that point with slumber). My love affair with sleep has come in handy over the years – 24 hours in an ice storm, in a car, crammed in the back with two fellow-College Republicans passed in the blink of an eye thanks to my ability to just crash out. Even then? Woke up tired (then again, that might just be 18-years-old for you?). Tonight I plan on getting re-acquainted with this old friend and I can’t wait. Isn’t it thrilling?

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