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#056; shameless promotion of people I ♥

November 13, 2009

It’s been a gray, slightly-on-the-miserable Friday folks (and it’s all ready dark! What is this treason?!) and so I come with something a little more light hearted than my usual “it’s been a long week and dear Lord I’m going to burst” Friday evening offerings.

Some people I just adore…

  • The DC Blogs crew, of course. I got to know them a few years ago my first banner and have continued to enjoy their local links, their dc feed, and their awesome sense of art and community.
  • Questionable Content, the webcomic has moved a bit away from its origin as an indie-music-snobs paradise on the web, but now deals with character depth, anime conventions, coffee humor, and general awesomeness. Not to mention, who doesn’t want a Hanners in their lives?
  • Metro Music Scene, these guys are a go to source for info on everything that is DMV music. Concert reviews, must-see shows, lists of everything you could ever need to be a fan in DC, and a simple/way usable site (it’s like old school blogspot which is fine in my book – some indie/music sites out there give me headaches!) make this one one of my absolute favorites in the area. (And if you’re on Twitter, check them out for their list of local artists on the micro-blogging site, it’s invaluable!).

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